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 nap: 18.09.27
 óra: 00:21:40
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Review by Barbara L. Hanson for Rating: I purchased this as a gift. They were trilled to receive it. It was exactly what they were looking for and as far as I know it is working fine. It was much better than the one they were looking at.
 nap: 18.09.27
 óra: 00:21:07
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apola sodap’ee kawen jantan mo jantan?…samo yo deh…aiyo tol dah..pandai, tp igtkan otak kek kepalo yg pandai..ghupo’ee otak kek kepalo lutut yg pandai..arr tu la deh tekaw..Well-loved.
 nap: 18.09.26
 óra: 19:02:37
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/ I put University Parking enforcement (the company not BYU, make sure you understand the difference) in the same category as ambulance chasing lawyers and the guys who sell bullets and bandages… What are they called again? Warmongers? Something like that.
 nap: 18.09.26
 óra: 13:21:03
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i have been reading your blog from sometime and i must say you always maintain good consistency,hence i always enjoy reading your blog.
 nap: 18.09.26
 óra: 07:26:58
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Oh, come just one the REASON kids hate certain books is those books are REQUIRED!!! If kids were given a list (and the teacher was “cool” ). then informed to read from the list, they could not have such a hard time.
 nap: 18.09.26
 óra: 07:09:07
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Amen.Beautiful prayer, Chuck. May today’s anniversary remind us to work toward peace, harmony, and love for all people in all that we do and all that we are, whether it is spiritual, social, or political. Thank you for sharing such a complete and heart-felt prayer to help us think about specific ways to live into this prayer.
 nap: 18.09.26
 óra: 06:58:57
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Just like Twilight was a big hit because when it came out, it was loaded with star power? No, it was a movie full of unknowns and created huge stars.Wake up, idiot.
 nap: 18.09.26
 óra: 06:58:52
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Warum nutzt man nicht eine Briefkastenfirma im Ausland und wandern offizielle aus?Das machen die Kapitalverbrenner in der Wirtschaft ja auch mit grossem Erfolg.
 nap: 18.09.26
 óra: 06:17:36
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Yes, you do. I gave out some tickets at the boutique vendors meeting last Friday. I’ll make sure you all get one. While Cathy is away, contact me with any questions. I can’t wait to shop at the Boutique.
 nap: 18.09.26
 óra: 05:36:28
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If you get the requirements could you send them to me? I am so patiently waiting to see them. I am an active SAR member (for 24 Years) and scout leader and cannot wait to start teaching it. The requirements should be released to everyone at the same time.

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