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 nap: 19.05.07
 óra: 23:49:26
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I paid $13 for mine and it came with a manual (not that I’ve ever used the manual and have since lost it, no big loss IMO). Use it quite often and have made hundreds of loaves with it.
 nap: 19.05.07
 óra: 23:49:11
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yup but the only thing that i can never find is grammer misstakes like words that are real words so spell cheak doesn’t pick it up but its still wrong….
 nap: 19.05.07
 óra: 03:43:51
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they "should"! I think it is great when people know how many kids they want to have and are honest about it even though people are sometimes judgemental. Good for you for having one, good for me for having four, good for everyone who loves and cares for the kids they bring into the world.
 nap: 19.05.07
 óra: 02:03:20
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jasmine: no, sounds like i missed smthing good...lianne: yes, i agree, it depends on the restaurant too. we got a lousy one. hey, my girl keeps telling me she wants to do berlin again. wish we hav more time. next year perhaps, n i'll come visit u:))ally: oh, i wish i'm going to berlin!ok, it's koblenz, thnx.feed me; let's go for at least 2 but make sure it's european beer or i get drunk easily. they r very strict here. i was in a friend's car a few days ago n straight out of the restaurant, there was a roadblock n alcohol check. lucky he didn't drink.
 nap: 19.05.07
 óra: 02:01:41
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play pokies…If you’ve Experient and well-disposed staff during cocktail time of day, it was here that practically from them. Epiphone online pokies has too been a unsympathetic women’s penitential in Stockton. Each musician has deposited. The window of the gifts…
 nap: 19.05.06
 óra: 20:27:40
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And, yes, it means passing a comprehensive energy and climate bill with incentives that will finally make clean energy the profitable kind of energy in America.Wow! What a loaded sentence! Is the implication that "clean energy" is not profitable without incentives? If so, I agree. And I doubt the wisdom of such incentives., particularly given that nuclear technology is tested and true, ready to run, today, right now."Clean coal technologies" may as well be "fairy dust technologies, but I suppose the political reality is that you have to pander to the Coal lobby.
 nap: 19.05.06
 óra: 20:26:33
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Rob, I hope your mom doesn't read your comments.I don't know about the comments, but I know she reads the blog. It's okay, she's tough, she can take it. My mom reminds me of Schuyler more than any other adult does, even Julie.
 nap: 19.05.06
 óra: 04:03:27
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4f3Ti cago in faccia brutto stronzo di seconda categoria. Se ti incontro per strada ti prendo e ti apro il tuo culo con un obrello, poi ci infilo dentro tutta la gamba e ti uso come stivale. Non dovresti ridere dei disabili visto che tu hai il cervello in avaria povero coglione…
 nap: 19.05.05
 óra: 21:18:06
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whatnowcanidoso u live in iceland? whats it like there> i would love to go out of the USA. I live in south dakota and its boring and cold. i hate the snow.. but anyways yea. hawaii looks beauitul.. would love to go there some day..
 nap: 19.05.05
 óra: 20:29:43
  online auto insurance üzenete:
For 7d I had so many cross letters that the answer jumped out at me without having to think too much about it. But if I had been given this clue on its own it would have stumped me for ages because the clue just does not look like an all-in-one cryptic, it looks for all the world as segmented. Very clever.

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