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 nap: 19.03.07
 óra: 16:48:42
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11/26/12 at 10:39 p.m. / Cabby — I recommend reading a short story called “Buckets” by F. Paul Wilson, who is both a doctor and a horror-story author. It will creep you out and break your heart. In a nutshell, an abortionist is confronted by those he aborted. One phrase in particular in the story really got to me: “I would’ve been a good kid”.
 nap: 19.03.07
 óra: 01:57:07
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That’s wishfull thinking at best.The last nail in the coffin is the “confidence” in the dollar. It can’t last forever. As soon as that’s lost the possibilities are endless.Order out of chaos will be the follow up next phase.
 nap: 19.03.07
 óra: 01:55:44
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wow, this looks amazing!! i’m glad your pate worked out well, despite what you said about your bread making, i think your bread looks delicious!
 nap: 19.03.07
 óra: 01:46:50
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 nap: 19.03.06
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I LOVE cream of broccoli soup [thanks for having broccoli in your blog title...that is the hardest word to spell!!! LOL]. I've never added W. sauce tho. Hmmmmm.I make mine with broccoli [there's that word again!] and mashed potatoes, chicken broth, and sour cream, with seasoning of course and cheese...so creamy. ::hunger pains::]
 nap: 19.03.06
 óra: 23:35:13
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New Year’s Eve? L spent the night at a friend’s house, D and I went out for two rounds and were back home by 7!I DID throw a party with my neighbor last evening; two husbands (not ours) got a bit miffed when their wives had a glass, in their opinions, too many!
 nap: 19.03.06
 óra: 18:34:11
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To produce a fuller perception of area, a much additional thorough advanced education experience and too to create the full normal as of the university. Popular his own lexis, Robert Zimmer, Leader of the University connected with Chicago.
 nap: 19.03.06
 óra: 11:04:43
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It's fun to see so many different interpretations of this idea! You look beautiful Curtise and you've picked such a gorgeous shade of blue to work with, I love that cute coffee/tea cup too. So tempted to have a little go at this just for the fun of it but I fear mine would be the chavtastic point where it all starts going downhill, lol. xx
 nap: 19.03.06
 óra: 04:51:41
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Started up Trine 2 cooperatively with Ike, which is lots of fun so far (only around two hours in).Also just started Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, which isn’t too bad (some of the more complex cards and their abilities aren’t handled properly, game mechanics-wise, unfortunately, but it’s better than 2012 in that regard).

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