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 nap: 19.04.27
 óra: 19:12:04
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Thank you guys for the compliments. I have no problem with those who actually need temporary assistance from the government to get on their feet or to recuperate from a tragedy or other events that happen in life. It is those that willingly take advantage of tax payers money and have no problem handing over their freedoms to maintain a life of mediocrity.
 nap: 19.04.27
 óra: 09:01:49
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This is great! Recently my sister in law told me of her need for an apron. Last night I was out for Witches night out in our town and seen the perfect apron for her. I will be going back to get it! Pumpkin bread will be in her apron.My email is
 nap: 19.04.27
 óra: 07:42:48
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This post was surprising in how far it went, but not especially so considering the source. Via the I just came across a defense of from a self-described revolutionary leftist and anti-racist. Now how about that?Speaking of lefties, why don't you have commenter on your blogroll? You've got bbroadside, who only has a livejournal page.
 nap: 19.04.27
 óra: 04:34:44
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Thanks very much. This is a wonderful site: thanks for your work in making this impossible to find music available for all the lovers of the good groove out there!
 nap: 19.04.27
 óra: 01:41:28
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That’s the first question my husband always asks! Followed by: how much will you sell it for? But, i say, do you like it? He’s a numbers guy. Everything needs to be quantified. He thinks I should time myself while working! How’s that for disrupting the flow of creativity!
 nap: 19.04.26
 óra: 23:46:58
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Lo ammetto... a me Halloween in Italia non mi gusta proprio...mi sembra come la neve a ferragosto...una forzatura, a meno che non te ne vai dove scende naturalmente (alle Hawaii!) Detto questo, bellissima montatura di immagini e zucca! Annaelle
 nap: 19.04.26
 óra: 21:00:01
  cheap online car insurance üzenete:
What a great post to find the morning I was en route to ‘behaving’ in an old way that doesn’t work for me, but which I have not completely given up. It was a blessing to be reminded, that self love is the one of the ‘trifecta’ pieces – in depth, with conviction. Reading how making adjustments in the way one live’s and uses time was validating. Thanks Tara[]
 nap: 19.04.26
 óra: 14:58:24
  instant car insurance quotes üzenete:
this to my face last week. Somehow, these dolts see the prospects for their personal sales getting better…if only Mr. Clotpoll could change his attitude.The neurosis and idiocy of this kind of thought is so overwhelming, I usually can’t respond when faced with it.
 nap: 19.04.26
 óra: 08:48:15
  buy viagra online üzenete:
Note communist posting below and probably thinking she’s perfectly reasonable. (rolls eyes)Taxing the rich out of everything, single payer healthcare, massive public works and blaming capitalism has ALWAYS worked, right? No? It will work THIS time. Her teachers told her so.
 nap: 19.04.26
 óra: 08:27:25
  auto insurance üzenete:
BethyadaI don't know if you can hear this but consider "His Faith" in this verse: The Just Shall Live By Faith.How was Abram declared Righteous?By works or by "Faith"?Of course you will say by "Faith".But consider the "presupposition" that you are establishing by your remarks. Don't you see "His Righteousness" yes?

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