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 nap: 19.03.20
 óra: 16:22:09
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Actually back in 2011, The Media Production Crew and I were thinking about making Running Man USA. We had the equipments such as Production Cameras, lavender mics, tripods, editing software, writers, sound crew, camera crew, we just lack hosts. So maybe if anyone want to come together and make Running Sone NYC, would be awesome we got the equipment we just need people. LOL a whole series of Running Sone around the global sounds like a great idea.
 nap: 19.03.20
 óra: 08:26:34
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Looks like a fun class with lots of great helpful information, wish there was some classes like this near me. Love Nancy’s books, thanks for the opportunity to win her paper piecing book, I love the pattern on the cover!
 nap: 19.03.20
 óra: 06:41:44
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I love this card so much!! I love all the differnt DPs, the bling, the image, the punch (I just got this one too), and of course the colors you chose to use!! Great job!!! I hope you enjoy the movie, let us know how good it is!! (I want to see it too) have a great day!! :o)
 nap: 19.03.20
 óra: 01:51:40
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I am having trouble submitting my information for the competition. I downloaded everything but it does not accept my inspirational image. I tried with a free image and also with a photo from facebook. It does not accept any of them. What can I do?
 nap: 19.03.19
 óra: 09:24:39
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Heather ShepherdDecember 16, 2011Sher, you crack me up! But I am totally going to try these tonight for our Christmas party tomorrow. I have done these before with oreo cookies and cream cheese and they are delightful! Thanks for sharing!
 nap: 19.03.19
 óra: 07:31:03
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Maybe too complex for me, but this feature is WWAYY better than beta channels! Good job! :D Keep up the good work! ;-)I hope it will work if you had the world's first 3D camera in the consumer market, which is made by Samsung.I love 3D!!!
 nap: 19.03.19
 óra: 05:47:34
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sudah memanfaatkan gravatar utk semua email yg dipakai demi keperluan ngeblog dgn beberapa akun . yg jelas foto tidak dipalsukn sesuai di profil FB dan sama semua utk berbagai blog yg dikelola
 nap: 19.03.19
 óra: 05:25:04
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DLS Well, when I'm on this lib site I'll read Swaraaj. It's a nice foreign point of view just as the Economist (for I'm in the USA). I do read the Economist all the time and enjoy it. (“Fuel” for any airplane trip includes the Economist and if time permits, the Financial Times as well as the Wall Street Journal, which is one rare well-written newspaper, the reason I get it rather than for its refreshing editorial pages and viewpoints.)
 nap: 19.03.19
 óra: 05:23:06
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Tecnicamente quello che dice avrebbe anche senso. Ma come ha detto Simone, solo gente altamente addestrata (o persone rarissime in tutto il mondo) avrebbe avuto l’istinto di lanciarsi sul terrorista per fermarlo.Quindi, a che pro tirare fuori questa sparata inutile?Che tristezza
 nap: 19.03.19
 óra: 05:22:31
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Omg This happens to me all the time at night.Im sleeping then my upper body jolts up in a sit up fashion.i wonder how long before the only one in the alternate realities who doesnt feel this is meWhen i die :OVA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

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