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 nap: 19.04.10
 óra: 00:23:31
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I think I’m probably like most quilters – undoing depends on the mistake and the nature of the quilt. If it’s a gift for a special occasion, I’m more picky about those little imperfections. If it’s just for fun for me, it usually doesn’t bother me much to leave a mistake in. I just finished a tablerunner, that will be a gift, and un-quilted part of it because I didn’t like how the fabric on the back had wrinkled up.
 nap: 19.04.09
 óra: 22:21:50
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Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.
 nap: 19.04.09
 óra: 22:20:38
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Excellent post, Adam. I think it’s very important to evaluate what really matters in life. I’d never given much thought to including my sanity amongst them (possibly because I have four kids and little sanity left? LOL.)
 nap: 19.04.09
 óra: 21:29:18
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Lord have mercy Kim is a hot mess. She needs to go on the Iyanla Vanzant show. I dont care how made I get at my mother I would never keep from her grandbabies. That to me is just petty and evil. What happened to honor thy mother?
 nap: 19.04.09
 óra: 17:12:02
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Driving may take time, but I find I arrive in a much better overall mood at my distination and with my dignity still in tact.Still, there are times I can't avoid the misery of the aluminum tube and NO, the skies aren't friendly. They have the seats so close together on all the carriers now that only someone the size of Danny DeVito can fit and ride in one comfortably.A pox on all their houses.All The Best,Frank W. James
 nap: 19.04.08
 óra: 19:47:44
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I work in publishing with a nonprofit organization, and I can tell you that you *never* get notes from the copyeditor. NEVER.And to confuse you even more: the semicolon and colon don't go inside the quotation marks.- Melissa
 nap: 19.04.07
 óra: 10:13:12
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 nap: 19.04.07
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US of A, of course. Today the grip of Washington on Egypt's affairs is much weaker.Besides, Mubarak, while a tyrant, is a military man who knows what war means. The current crop of leaders don't.
 nap: 19.04.07
 óra: 06:55:06
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Hi,First, thanks for your work and the service done to defend and share the global musical patrimony !I'm also running a blog and I'm praying for my files.I use Divshare and until now I do not have to complain about them. Maybe It could help you...Thanks again for all what you've done !Keep on sharing.All the best,fred.
 nap: 19.04.07
 óra: 06:54:14
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