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 nap: 19.02.16
 óra: 21:04:09
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Oh, my mistake. You don't have the, uhm, capacity to cheat? Would that be ok?If you don't have the capacity to cheat then you are not a typical Pinoy lover.Panindigan mo yan ha!
 nap: 19.02.16
 óra: 10:04:24
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Lol well you have had 2 hours to apologise and you didn’t! You only just replied coz you got a message from me and there is no way I am gona have some jerk give my Fiance a mouthful for no reason when he is already going through enough. You shouldn’t have to be told by a 23 year old to have manners! And remember it’s not me your apologising too, its my Fiance so grow up, get some manners, have some ****ing balls and apologise to him. It will take you all of 2 seconds!
 nap: 19.02.16
 óra: 09:48:26
  buy viagra üzenete:
jimmy ni mungkin kalau dia belom berbini orang tengok memang dia baikkkkkkk tapi bila dia dh berbini hanye bini dia je lah yg tau perangai dia kt rumah macmana …….orang lain mana tau kat prangai jimmy ni kt rumah camana tol tk….> orang di luar akan cakap jimmy ni baik kenapa bini dia buat hal pulakkkkkkkkkkkkkk < padahal padahal padahal !!Hot debate. What do you think? 5  5
 nap: 19.02.16
 óra: 09:47:38
  cheep car insurance üzenete:
waaaaaaah. di ko alam na ganyan na ang lamay sa pinas mare!!kaya nga sabi nila sobrang mahal daw mamatay sa panahon ngayon.. with burol na ganyan sa pinas sobrang mahal nga! waaaaah.ung notion kasi na maraming galing ibang bansa un un eh. kala talaga ng iba pinupulot ang pera sa ibang bansa. haaay buhay. kaloka ang videoke sa lamay mare, pero meron na talgang ganyan.. weird na tlga panahon ngayon.O xa tulog na ko mare ko. chika tau tom. nyt nyt for me. hohohh. mwahay mgaling na ba roan at alex??
 nap: 19.02.15
 óra: 21:17:37
  erection üzenete:
I bought it for about $6 with free shipping, which is awesome because I got it in the mail 3 business days later.Anyways, I had 2 transmitter before this that I paid $50+ for each and one did not work at all and another worked for a bit but didn’t support the radio station that I used so I was pretty grumpy since it broke. I ordered this and tried it out right away and next thing I knew, I was singing like a crazy person. So so glad I got this and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a transmitter.
 nap: 19.02.15
 óra: 21:16:55
  discount viagra üzenete:
Bubsy was annoying, but good graphics for the time and ok gameplay. Also, apparently the writer of this didn’t know in shaqfu the select button changed your move set. Still a terrible game though.
 nap: 19.02.15
 óra: 21:16:55
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Thanks for discussing your ideas. A very important factor is that college students have a selection between federal government student loan and a private student loan where it’s easier to select student loan debt consolidation loan than with the federal education loan.
 nap: 19.02.15
 óra: 17:59:36
  erection üzenete:
Vzali ma na ruske a vychodoeuropske studia a to je aj kamen uraze lebo to chcem vazne studovat a v Prahe mam sociologiu, a hlava mi napriek argumentom hovori BA, takze idem na UK na slovensku, ale mienim zamakat nech mozem ist na magisterske bud do Prahy (kde maju skoro identicky odbor) alebo na Ruska rovno.
 nap: 19.02.15
 óra: 09:21:07
  instant car insurance quotes üzenete:
I don’t normally Tweet…. but I can get behind this idea. It will be an excellent way to push back against the… well… “people” who post not so nice things. Tremendous idea!
 nap: 19.02.15
 óra: 06:24:44
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Thanks for your write-up. I also think that laptop computers are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and now tend to be the only type of computer found in a household. The reason is that at the same time potentially they are becoming more and more affordable, their computing power is growing to the point where they’re as potent as personal computers out of just a few years ago.

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