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 nap: 18.12.20
 óra: 19:43:54
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Well the hitch is very nice,only one problem,I place the hitch on the back of my 2005 travel trailer,with out checking the bumper out. Place a three bike rack with three bikes on the hitch well make a long story short the bumper was not mad for the weight lost three bikes.This is not the fault of the hitch.I should have check the bumper more closley.This is more of a heads up than a product review
 nap: 18.12.20
 óra: 19:43:47
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It’s great news to hear that Denmark has taken a stand. The rest of the continent had better follow suit.. Islam is play for all the marbles and there won’t be a rematch. What has happened to Sweden is heart breaking. We North American’s had better be taking notes!!By the way I’ve added you to my blog roll..Good stuff !!
 nap: 18.12.20
 óra: 19:28:45
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they would not bother to vote because, among other kinds of disenfranchisement, the ballot boxes were quite literally stuffed ahead of time for Paul Biya. I tell this story to people in the U.S. who say they won’t bother to vote, hoping that they will realize what a privilege it is. While we could talk about whether our ballot boxes are metaphorically stuffed, given the amount of money it takes to run for the presidency, etc.,, we are lucky to live in a place where we can say what we like and vote as we see fit. I’m glad you’re an intelligent voice in the world. Keep writing whatever you want.
 nap: 18.12.20
 óra: 13:11:03
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I love the glamour in your look. . you do have an international look, and I used to think you were a clairvoyant at first too! Your photo reminds me to go back to some shop to get a turban. I love how you rock it x
 nap: 18.12.20
 óra: 06:17:01
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Oliviana!Love your name and your post made me smile!Ditto on her having better clothes than me also!The entire outfit is about $300, can we say $$$ to burn.
 nap: 18.12.20
 óra: 06:15:20
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I think health insurance reform is all but dead too. I wish this could serve as a wake up call that unaccountable corporate interests have more power than the government, but I don't think it's going to undo 40 years of propaganda to the contrary.I really think health insurance reform isn't going to be tackled until a significant percentage of middle class workers lose the employer subsidized portion of their coverage and have to pay the whole thing out of pocket.
 nap: 18.12.20
 óra: 03:28:34
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I love your site. It is so inspired. Your food look delicious. They make me want to try and taste it. Your photos are well taken. Thank you for sharing.
 nap: 18.12.20
 óra: 02:23:05
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Santa: “linked more then once to the executions of homosexuals in Saudi Arabia and Iran”Where is the hue an cry on this human rights violation?? All the usual suspects are silent. They can’t condemn them there moslems.
 nap: 18.12.19
 óra: 23:55:26
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Hi dr. deb,That's a wonderful piece of hi-tech gadget you stumbled upon. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm sure many will benefit from the calming effects of that heaven sent gadget. Thanks for the usual wonderful post. God bless you more with very relevant and thought provoking posts.
 nap: 18.12.19
 óra: 23:54:47
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